Brolly base


          Have I taken you to Brewer’s Quay yet?  I haven’t?  Well I really must rectify that soon.  Brewer’s Quay is another of Weymouth’s attractions,  it’s an indoor maze of old curiosities from yesteryears. Even Hubby likes to browse, but of course he gets bored much sooner than I do.

          On our last visit to Weymouth we went in for a wander and I spotted this old rusty umbrella stand.  I don’t know how long it’s been sitting there waiting for me, but I spotted it on one of our visits last year too and didn’t buy it.

          This time I took it to the counter and haggled the price down slightly then gave it to Hubby to carry back to the car.  This was before Christmas,  and with so many other things on the “to-do” list it got put to one side.

          Hubby sees things very much as they are, whereas I see things as they could be.  Pessimistic is the word I use for him, but he prefers to describe himself as a realist, and as I use the word optimist in my defence, he is of the opinion that I’m a victim waiting to happen.

          So it was that (as Hubby would put it) my overpriced piece of rusty metal sat in the corner of the bedroom through the Christmas festivities and there it stayed while January was too cold for me to take it outside and give it a little TLC with a wire brush and a metal file.

          Eventually I gave up on the weather and set about my new project on a dust sheet spread out on the kitchen floor.  Before long the little iron filings and powdered dust were shaken away.  I tightened the twistings, tapped here and there with the hammer to straighten a few bits and added a very thin coat of Hammerite.


          There are a couple of little holes in the base, I guess years of umbrella drips have taken their toll.  After I’d painted the top I stuck a few bits of tape over the holes and turned the whole thing upside-down.  I painted away at the underside,  making sure to paint thickly over the holes, then when it dried I turned it back upright and removed the tape.  The two little holes were gone, but the slightly bigger hole proved too much for the paint treatment,  I’ll probably resort to a smear of my favourite fix-it (bath sealant) on the underneath where it won’t show.


          A final coat of paint and my “over-priced lump of rusty metal is looking shiny and new, even Hubby likes it.

          And what else would you do with a shiny new umbrella stand?   Stand umbrellas in it of course.


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


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