Mustard tie

           … Gobbledygook …  of sorts.

Cast on 25 sts.
Row 1: k2tog,k4,wrn,k1,wrn,k4,s1,k2tog,psso,k4,wrn,k1,wrn,k4,k2tog.
Row 2: k25sts.
Repeat rows 1&2 …
Cast off 25sts.


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


3 thoughts on “Mustard tie

  1. Yes, certainly Gobbledygook … as in Dylan Thomas’s “knit one, purl one, pass the slipstitch over …” I could as well learn Martian as knit, and I have had one completely defeated attempt … at the knitting, not the Martian … 😉 ….

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