Some of it’s parts

          A little ” Mustard lace“…


          I was never much good at following a knitting pattern, I always found the instructions moved around on the page and as much as I tried to follow one line across the whole page, the one line would always jump into the middle of the next line, or the one before it.  Eventually I gave up on the busy page full of letters and numbers, I took my standard approach to most things and treated my knitting like a puzzle.  I pictured my end result and learned to make the pieces, then put pieces in at the right place to make my picture.


          I have a cream coloured jumper which I bought somewhere online and I very much enjoy the flattering shape so decided I’d make another.  I chose my wool, actually, I chose a cotton thread, and a colour, surprisingly not orange, and began to knit.


          My cream jumper doesn’t have a rib or cuffs, it has a border of lace instead.  I remembered knitting in rows of different colours, a pattern of knitting two or three stitches together in some places and making extra stitches in others with the result of making the rows of colours sit in waves across the knitted piece.  I remembered a side-effect of this wave pattern was a zig-zag hemline and a lacy texture so I used it for my lace edge and continued part of the pattern through the body of the jumper, following the flattering shape as the piece grew.


          After knitting the back of my new jumper, I did a little “Progressive planning“, otherwise known as making it up as you go along.  I decided I would prefer a different neck-line to my cream jumper so laid the knitting out on top of another jumper who’s neck-line I liked and followed that shape instead

          I knitted sleeves, well to be honest,  I re-knitted the sleeves…  I’d knitted them first as the smallest pieces, to work out the measurements and number of stitches etc. Then decided I didn’t like the shape and I would “Begin again“.  So… I re-knitted the sleeves and stitched it all together.


          I had planned to keep the neckline as simple as possible, I do like the way that adding a different coloured scarf can completely change an outfit and by keeping it simple I would be able to add whichever scarf I felt like wearing at the time, but you know what happens to plans made by mice or men, the back of the neck wouldn’t sit on its own so I ended up knitting a scarf in the lace pattern too and stitching it on as a “Mustard tie“…


      Finally, I’m quite happy with my new jumper, its a little more unforgiving of the extra “belly bulge” than my cream one, but I’m working on that.

          Now, however,  I have another dilemma…  What to make next?


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

7 thoughts on “Some of it’s parts

    • Thanks Meanderer, when it comes to reading, patterns and other things, I often have to think of other ways to do things, but I usually get where I want to be in the end. 😊

  1. What gorgeous work, Sallyann! I think you’ve outdone yourself on this one — and what a marvelous color, too. BTW, I loved your clever title. 🙂

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