Morning coffee companion


          On my days off I generally share my very first coffee with, in my mind, my friend the giant spider from next door.

          In reality, my days off are nights, my mornings are usually evenings, and my giant spider is a twisted bit of rusty metal which has sat on next door’s shed roof for, well, for as long as I can remember sharing my first coffee of the real morning with it, but in my topsy-turvy world of night shifts, its little wonder that I don’t deal in reality very often.

          On my real mornings, I’ll wake up in daylight and wander downstairs and take my first of a number of pills and potions with a glass of water.  Then if my willpower holds out I’ll follow the instructions of not having any food, other medication, or caffeine containing drinks for half an hour. Yes, that’s right, half an hour to wander around the house in a zombied state of consciousness trying to avoid even the mere thought of the kettle.

          It’s not that I need the caffeine,  yes, my first coffee of the day contains it, but I’ve been known to drink my shot of caffeine on arriving home from work and still slip easily into a stupor on the settee. My caffeine is a migraine preventative measure, one in my morning, and one at my evening, just to eliminate the problems a surprise shot of caffeine causes… But I do enjoy my coffee, even though it’s usually de-caf.

          That half hour wait seems to make my first coffee taste all the sweeter.  I drink an amazing amount of liquid, and get dehydrated very quickly when I’m unable to drink, to boil a full kettle of water and be on my third cup of coffee before it needs boiling again is a regular occurrence.  This goes part way to explaining why my first coffee of a real morning is shared with the giant spider.

          I’ll make my first coffee, scoop up my mug in both hands, I have a preference for mugs of the shape which give you a hug back, and without walking away from the kettle, but not feeling energetic enough for a free-standing coffee, I’ll turn around, lean on the counter to gaze out of the kitchen window and share my first coffee with my friend the giant spider.

          Then of course, I’ll turn back to the kettle and make a second cup.


8 thoughts on “Morning coffee companion

  1. It’s a wonder how complicated our little rituals are when we observe them with a bit of distance, isn’t it? I’m glad to read between the lines a bit and see the satisfaction you get from holding that warm mug between your hands and you greet your giant-spider friend. 🙂

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