Abergavenny market hall

          Not quite at the moving stage of packing up, I’m busy backing up to make sure I don’t lose anything electronically on route to our new location. According to my list of Who, What, Where and When, I only have two posts from a day I spent meeting up via train with Little Sister in Abergavenny so lets see if I can’t find a few more memories to share from the files.

4. Abergavenny market hall.

          The two posts I have done about our day out served to remind me of the heavy rain showers of the day… and the subsequent reward of rainbows.  During one of such a shower, we ducked into the market hall for shelter and were treated to a wonderful display of vegetables … hanging from the ceiling.

5. Vegetables.

6. Gardening tools.

7. Pumpkins.

8. Vegegable basket.

           More from before : a day out in “Abergavenny” in November 2013.

4 thoughts on “Abergavenny market hall

  1. What a marvelous post! Love those giant veg especially; what charming and apropos decoration (even if I’d be wary of lingering under the giant pitchfork for too long, just in case). 🙂

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