Heidi and the Giraffes

          Youngest Daughter isn’t well known for her advanced planning so when I had a phone call out of the blue asking me if I wanted to take Heidi to the zoo, it didn’t really surprise me at all.  I guess it should have, but I’ve become used to being surprised by Youngest Daughter and have learned to expect the unexpected.

13. Two giraffes.

          Youngest Daughter has always had a particular liking for the large wild animals, Son-in-Law 3 shares her liking too, which is probably just as well, and after their wedding at the end of last year, the savings weren’t quite in place for their planned honeymoon to Africa on safari, so they spent a night at a zoo.  How cool is that ?

14. Giraffe walking.

          I’m pleased to say that we share a particular liking for the giraffes, I’m not sure of Youngest’s reasons, but I like the apparent awkwardness of their long legs, and equally long necks, and the ease and grace they show when moving with them.

12. Two giraffe heads.

          Of all the animals Heidi saw at the zoo … “Cotswold Wildlife Park”  I believe she liked the giraffes best too, she completely ignored the camels, although the meerkats held her interest for a short while.

9. Giraffe head.

          I really should have been just a little surprised at Heidi being taken to the zoo, if you look into distance behind the next picture I took, Youngest Daughter and Mum-in-law are sitting on the grass while I’m pointing my camera … and so is Heidi … Youngest’s great dane.

11. Heidi in background.

          By the time I made my way back to them with the camera, one of the giraffes had ventured a slightly closer look at Heidi too.

16. Heidi head watching.

          More from before: a few of the “Furry Friends” who are part of the family.


2 thoughts on “Heidi and the Giraffes

  1. When Marianne and I had that day with you way back in 2013 we called into a card shop. Can’t remember why, we did, but we all fell about laughing at a card showing a woman walking a giraffe on a lead. i don’t remember the exact words but something like “her name’s Julie”. Hilarious at the time, but now?

    • I don’t remember the exact card but I remember the day well. And the reason we went into the shop ?
      No reason other than I always find a smile or two in there … and it didn’t disappoint 😀😀

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