In search of sunsets

                    Its been a busy week or so.  After the initial move to the new house there’s been plenty to keep me busy but last night I took a little time out to find a good spot to catch a sunset.

6 thoughts on “In search of sunsets

  1. Haha! >>> love this >>> oh you lucky person!!! Do you think you’ll get withdrawal symptoms from the lack of night work? Cold turkey??? I mean, when the mood takes you, there’s nothing to stop you lurking in underlit supermarket aisles in the wee small hours, savouring the nostalgia and the je ne sais quoi …. 😀 …….

  2. If this view is anywhere near your new home, Sallyann, I’d say you did very well for yourself indeed. Beautiful! And congratulations as well.

    • Thanks Heide. It’s taken us so long to get here but yes, this view is just five minutes walk away from our new home. We’ve had so many ups and downs along the way but with this as the end result they were all worth it.

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