Primary tiles

           Little bits of the old house are starting do find their places in the new and so it is that it is feeling like home.

          Saying that though it started to feel like home almost straight away. I miss the girls being just around the corner and of course I miss coffeetimes with Mum-in-law, but I’ve got Hubby with me and the old house hasn’t really felt right since the girls moved out.

          Some of our furniture didn’t make it through the front door – I mean that quite literally – it didn’t make it through the front door.  Two of our settees had to be sent back on the van, the big leather one Hubby used to stretch out on and the bamboo two-seater from my “light box”.   We’ve been sitting on the little two-seater one and anyone who came to visit was offered a garden chair.

          The garden chairs themselves caused a few chuckles on arrival. They came off the van and in through the front door as far as the kitchen but no further. They wouldn’t go through the back door.  I was out with Hubby in search of bits to plum in the waste pipe on the washing machine and Youngest Daughter was left in charge.  When we got back with the bits of plumbing we were told of how she had sent the movers trekking around the block with the garden chairs to bring them in through the back gate.

          Bits of new furniture have been arriving in drips and drabs, mainly in flat-packs so that they fit  through the narrow doorways.  The old radiators have been replaced but we’ve still got a few weeks before the new windows arrive and I’m itching to decorate.

         The spider plant survived the move and has taken up its old place back on top of the freezer and Eldest  Daughter is potting up a new Easter cactus from a cutting off the old one ready for the bathroom windowsill.

           The kitchen is enormous, so much cupboard space it’s unbelievable. One little set of corner shelves near the window just screams out for a plant or two but alas, I know from experience that no plant is much more appealing to the eye than dead plants  

           Most of the trinkets and ornaments are still in boxes.  They went straight up into the attic for safekeeping but my coloured glass bottles from the kitchen windowsill made their way out into the back garden. (The back garden – now that’s another story for a much later date at the moment).

          After puzzling my brain over what to put on the shelves it suddenly dawned on me. What did I put on my kitchen window when all my plants died in the old house ?

          And so my glass bottles made their way back inside.

           More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.


6 thoughts on “Primary tiles

  1. Isn’t it kind of wonderful to unpack your old treasures and find new spots for them? It’s a pity about the too-large furniture, though. We had the same problem ourselves with a couch and are glad in hindsight it didn’t fit, because that monster would have dominated our main floor. Anyway. Happy settling-in!

  2. You made it! Wonderful to hear the move has gone well. It takes a while to settle in.

    I have also been on the move – twice in the last 18 months. Firstly to a rented place after our purchase in Wales fell through and now, finally, to Wales. I have to say, though, that I am really homesick. I didn’t think it would have such an effect.

    Enough about me; really looking forward to the journeys you will hopefully take us on in your new home and surroundings 🙂

    • Thanks Meanderer, I’m looking forward to taking you on new journeys too. But first still have a lot more homebuilding than I had anticipated. A new home. Another big toy to play with.

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