Guerilla seagulls

          You must know by now that I’m a big fan of  “Yarn bombing“, or “Guerilla knitting”, as it has otherwise become known but the knitter or possibly knitters of Weymouth have done themselves proud this weekend.

          Lots of little seagulls appeared on top of the posts of my favourite railings and caused smiles to explode amongst the holiday makers along the prom.


          There was a bit of a stand-off between these two seagulls though, one on the post and the other claiming his territory on top of the bin.


          This addition was a little crabby …


          But for me, Mr Cool Seagull won the day.


          And then curiouser and curiouser … as quickly as they’d appeared for yesterday’s frivolities… today they were gone.

          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth


2 thoughts on “Guerilla seagulls

  1. Those seagulls are adorable! I especially like the first one (which reminds me for some reason of Wallace and Grommit) — and the second photo, in which a real gull is checking out his knit cousin. How delightful! Thank you for the smiles, Sallyann.

    • Thanks Heide, the real seagulls didn’t seem to be over impressed at their perches being filled. But there were smiles galore from all other directions. 😁

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