The door

The house is still keeping me busy, we’ve blown a lot of the budget on the big things and now I’m left with mostly small things to play with inside.  The biggest splurge on the house in general has been the windows.  The old ones looked just about passable … from a distance. 


But what a difference the new ones have made.  We’ve gone from a semi-secure, noisy wind box to a quiet, warm fortress.  Goodness only knows how the tennants kept the place warm last winter.

_20170909_105447 (1)22

The survey more or less said it would be more cost effective to change all of the windows as a package rather than just fix the broken ones and we had already decided to replace them so the budget was there ready but I had no idea how bad the old ones really were until the new ones were in.

And the door?  Well, see for yourself.

It’s the only red door in a whole row of white ones, and yes, it cost more than a  white one would have, but if you count what it’s worth in smiles, it’s already priceless. 

2017-09. Door

           More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

10 thoughts on “The door

    • I know how you feel, I had a wooden door which I painted red in a different house many moons ago, it’s taken me three more. Changes of house to finally have another red one. 😊

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