Sweet Neroli


          Neroli ?

          Mr Google says neroli is an essential oil taken from the flowers of the bitter orange.  To me its the accidentally perfect colour chosen (would you believe by Hubby and not by me) to be the colour which runs through from the living room to the kitchen.

          When we moved in, almost every wall in the house had a daedo rail on it, I’m not a fan, but Hubby really likes them so we’ve compromised, they get to stay in the living room and the passage, stairs and landing, and I’m taking them off everywhere else which means of course I’ve had to choose two colours for the walls in the room instead of one.

          Again, Hubby liked the colours which are already there but the walls are in such a state that I’ll be busy with the pollyfiller and sandpaper for hours before I’m happy with them so even if I was happy with the colours (which you’ve probably guessed, I’m not) I would be repainting them.

          I chose a paler, more yellow colour for the top half of the walls, “soft focus” (you’ve just got to love the names they choose for so many colours haven’t you).  The pale yellow was to add light to the room, we brought the one black sofa with us from the oldhouse (we brought two but if you remember, the three-seater wouldn’t fit in through the front door) Hubby wanted a corner sofa and although the room is quite big, the spaces available for sofa sitting are not but eventually I found the cutest small corner sofa you could imagine – in charcoal grey.

          We inherited a little black wood burner in the fireplace and since there’s no fire surround, I managed to source a big chunk of dark oak wood which hangs on the front of the chimney breast as a mantle piece.  I’ve taken the daedo rail off from the front and sides of the chimney breast and abandoned my plans to find some more orange curtains, opting for some very nice charcoal grey ones with the idea of painting the chimney breast orange instead.

          Well there it was, with my new colour scheme sitting on top of the mantle piece I headed off to the kitchen with the rest of the colour cards. 


          There’s one wall in the kitchen which is a feature wall, they’ve painted it a deep red, not to my taste at all (a front door colour yes, but a kitchen wall !)

          Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t looking for the yellow, red or blue to match the tiles, if you look closely at the top left tile, there’s a fourth colour… Orange, I found the same orange in the cards and picked the palest colour in the same pallet and that’s when it happened…

          Hubby said that my soft focus colour for the top half of the living room was “wishy-washy”, and the sweet neroli I’d picked for the kitchen would look much better in the room too because I had chosen so many dark things to go with it. 

          I couldn’t believe my ears when Hubby chose the orange colour for the walls…

          Do you suppose I could get away with using it on the bottom half of the stairs walls too?

          More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

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