Chewing wildly

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          It would appear that we’ve bitten off a lot with the new house, but it’s OK, I’m chewing madly, and let’s face it, would I really have enjoyed moving to a house with nothing to do?

          We have a downstairs convenience, which on Christmas evening turned out to be a little too inconvenient.  It’s a leftover from a bygone era when the littlest room was outside in the garden.  At some point in time, somebody has tried to bring the little room indoors by moving the backdoor and turning the little outdoor corridor into a porch. I guess they meant well, and it would have been a good idea if it had been done properly.   I was expecting a bit of trouble from that direction, the little room seemed to be far too recently decorated for my liking and looking closely at the original estate agent pictures… I’m sure I spy a humidifier in the corner.


          I was expecting a little damp to appear through the winter, enough to point me in the right direction for fixing next summer.  What I wasn’t expecting was four inches of damp to arrive at the old kitchen doorstep on Christmas evening.

          It would appear that water, being the intrepid explorer that it is, has found  its way in underneath the tiles which cover the little courtyard area outside and run underneath the back door. 

          I can’t believe I was naive enough to trust the old workmanship and allow the new back door to be placed on top of them but it’s OK, as disasters go this isn’t a huge one.  I greeted the water in my wellies and a pair of bright yellow marigolds and found, with a little exploring of my own, that the drain just outside the back door had been blocked by leaves, less than a handful, but blocked none the less.  A quick prod with a screwdriver on hand and the way was open again.

          Once unblocked, the water (which luckily was caused by the amount of rainwater coming down and not anything more sinister coming up) subsided and I could survey my soggy surroundings.

          Uggh, not quite what I had planned for Christmas evening, but I set about taking up the soggy laminate floor, which of course came up so much easier with the help of the water, then the tiles came  off quite easily with just a little more help.  I’ve taken the floor back to the basic concrete and now we just sit and wait for it to dry out while I ponder what to do to the area next. 


 More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

12 thoughts on “Chewing wildly

    • Crossing the road I get ruffled, making arrangements I get ruffled, meeting new people I get ruffled… But when bits of house break, Judith, I can take that in my stride. I’m comfortable fixing things, if something is already broken it’s a lot easier to face than something which I have to risk breaking myself by doing something to it. 😊

    • “sangfroid”?!?!?! 😀
      I had to ask Mr Google about that one… “the ability to stay calm in difficult situations”…
      Don’t you realise how much extra energy it takes to make a commotion.. I’m pacing myself, remember?
      All’s well that ends well… The end has just been delayed a little that’s all. 😊

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