I’ve joined an indoor bowls club.  I’ve liked the look of bowls as far back as I can remember watching the game played on the “Bowling green” at my local park as a child.  I’ve toyed with the idea of playing for a while now and since moving I’ve been looking sort some sort of social outlet.

          I stopped to watch the outdoor bowls a couple of times here and there, and took a few steps nearer to the decision to play, then Hubby came home with some information about an indoor bowls club which is just around the corner from us.  That took away the last few excuses I had for not going, first it was indoors, so I wouldn’t have to worry about playing in bad weather, and secondly its just around the corner, so I won’t have far to go to get there.  With a little push from Hubby I went along to an open day and had a go with some of the bowls there, then I somehow signed up for a five weeks beginners course.

          What had I let myself in for ? Me, who doesn’t even compete with myself, going along to a sports organisation.

          I battled with myself and made sure I turned up to this new place, to meet new people, doing something new … and it turned out I wasn’t as bad as I imagined myself to be after all.

          Apparently, the many years I’ve spent working in long aisles overnight at my supermarket have paid off, imagine if you’re at one end of the aisle and your colleague is at the other and you have to pass something, possibly something slightly breakable to her, would you walk the length of the aisle, or would you simply push it along the floor to her.  Yes, I would have pushed it too, however, to push it far enough you would have to draw your arm backwards and swing the arm forwards to give the extra umph, and again, having the extra umph (technical term here) if the product was to leave the floor and then land again, you would probably cause it to be damaged in some way.  Hence, I have developed what has been described as a nice smooth delivery with my bowling arm.

          In my five week course, which somehow turned into seven weeks, I learned quite a lot of new things, I knew the bowls weren’t round, but I didn’t know they had a different ‘un-roundness’ on either side, enabling you to curve the bowl to the left for a forehand shot, and to the right for a backhand shot.  I learned that there are various sizes and types of bowls, each little difference combines with each person’s own stance and positioning to make probably millions of individual shots. 

          I met some new people, I think I might even be bold enough to call them new friends, and at the end of the course I joined the club.  I go to a novice evening on a Friday, and I’ve been meeting up with my new friends once a week as well if we can for a practice play.

          Our coach says we’re ready to make a team and join a league… Hmmn…

          Watch this space… But don’t hold your breath. 

          More from before: living into “Semi-retirement” and beyond… 


5 thoughts on “Bowls

  1. What fun, Sallyann! I’m glad you’re finding an outlet for those grocery-passing skills you developed at the supermarket. 🙂 I’ll be eager to hear how your bowling career progresses. If nothing else I hope it’s a lot of fun.

    • Thanks Heide, I’m not sure I’m competitive enough to develop a bowling career, but I am most definitely enjoying developing my coffee drinking skills before and after playing. 😊

  2. Excellent stuff – tho I don’t know that playing in a league would be for me. I’ve been in the same situation re table tennis fairly recently, but then that became more and more competitive and tense and I really prefer just playing for enjoyment. 🙂

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