Secret Garden Cafe


          Since moving away from Bicester, the half-extended Bicester Village retail shopping park has been completed and as I find myself in Bicester quite often now as a visitor, it would be rude of me to not try out the new coffee facilities available.  I had planned to meet a couple of ex-collegues for coffee and chat at Wye-Vale, the garden centre, but I’ll take you there another time. In the meantime, you really should drop into the “Secret Garden Cafe”  for yourself if you’re in the area.

          Being in Bicester Village, I had expected to have to pay premium prices for the pleasure of the location, but the prices were pretty standard and so the arrangements were made and we met outside.


          The chairs and tables outside would be quite pleasant to sit on in the warmer weather, but for those of you who need to partake in a little puffing with your coffee, large sun/rain umbrellas and warm throws are provided.  Inside, the garden furniture, pagodas and real plants go a good way to giving a pretty good impression of a garden cafe.


          The food on offer is all served in recyclable paper cups and plates with wooden cutlery.  Points are gained for the fact that no plastic is used in the serving of their food, but I’m afraid they do lose points in my opinion for not using real plates and cups.

          However, my disappointment from the cups was short lived as I found myself in a victorian style sitting room where we sat on the sofa and chairs for our coffee and cakes admiring the setting in between the conversation. 


          The surprise didn’t stop there though, in a little room next to the lounge, an even more unexpected find… Mrs Harrington’s Sweetshop. 


         You really must visit for yourself if you get chance and let me know what you think.

          As for the coffee, I was so taken with the surroundings that I forgot to remember the coffee so I’ll have to drop back again and visit next time I’m in Bicester. 

          More from before : “Coffee & Cakes” from here, there and anywhere. 

3 thoughts on “Secret Garden Cafe

  1. What a charming café! It’s a bit mystifying, though, to imagine eating off paper plates with wooden utensils in such an otherwise posh setting … but perhaps there are environmental advantages to composting the table settings, instead of washing them? No matter the serving situation, it does look like a lovely place to pause for an afternoon tea. So glad you’re finding these nooks near your new home!

    • I’d like to think there was some reason for the paper cups other than not having to pay a dish-washer-upper.
      But even with them it was a lovely place to sit with friends. 😊

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