Sophia’s Kitchen

          This morning I found myself sitting in the beauty parlour with Mum-in-law discussing our options before we set off to explore a new coffee shop option on her latest visit to Weymouth.  Our “beautiful lady” suggested we went to visit a little shop she often drops into, her description of “Shabby Chic meets Katherine Kidston” sent us off to town with freshly manicured smiles.


          I must admit, when we’d followed our directions and arrived at “Sophia’s Kitchen” we weren’t certain we’d found the right place, the outside looked inviting enough, but didn’t quite fit with the description we’d been given.  We decided to give it a go anyway and made our way past the invitingly stocked counter towards the back of the shop.

          Ahh, now it fitted the happy description.


          From our table in the corner we were treated to pretty decor and China cups.  We didn’t eat this time, but the menu on offer will I’m sure pull us back again and again… Jacket potatoes, paninis, sandwiches, cream teas and of course the beautiful cakes from the display we passed on our way in. 

          Another thing which may be interesting to note, drinks are available with soya milk and de-caf options, and food allergies and intolerances are mentioned on the back of the menu. 


          One last thing, unfortunately they do fall down slightly with their inconvenient conveniences.  They are perfectly clean and serviceable, but they are located upstairs, and could maybe benefit from some more in-tune decor. 

          More from before : “Coffee & Cakes” from here, there and anywhere. 

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