Littlest room


           I’ve been busy in the littlest room since the events on Christmas evening which left me “Chewing wildly”  at the amount of work we’ve bitten off in the new house.  Since I had to lift up the soggy laminate floor and then peel away the old tiles, to leave the bare concrete floor to dry out, I figured I’d take the opportunity to freshen things up a bit. 

          I’ve I replaced the fittings throughout, new light fittings in the ceiling, door handles, flush handle, etc., and splashed a couple of coats of paint around on the walls. 

          I’ve added a mirror to make the littlest room look bigger and a picture frame with an old picture in it while i decide on which new one to get printed, I’m thinking this one maybe… 


          The door fitters are coming tomorrow to remove the back door for the day so that I can take up the last of the old floor tiles.  Then all that remains to do is to put down some cheap and cheerful new tiles and wait to see if I’ve solved the damp problem. 

          It is what it is – an outside toilet brought in from the cold – but Hyacinth Bouquet would be proud. 

 More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

7 thoughts on “Littlest room

  1. Is it OK that I literally laughed out loud when I studied your first photo and noticed your hand sticking up, like a modern-day version of the Lady of the Lake raising Excalibur? 🙂

    • Always happy to share a smile, and if I can cause someone to laugh out loud it makes my day. 😊
      I didn’t want to be in the photo but sitting on the floor next to the pan in my lady of the lake impersonation is the only way I could find to get a good angle in the picture. 😊

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