Garden potential

          This is the picture of the garden we bought…


          Unfortunately, although the camera hasn’t lied, the photo has led me to believe that photos, like estate agents are not always to be trusted.

          Apart from the car in the background of the photo being parked in a car park belonging to a building on another street, apart from the steep angle upwards and the fact that our garden actually only goes as far back as the little red brick wall just behind the washing line, apart from the fact that the photographer would have been balancing on the edge of some pretty rotten decking and leaning against a giant monstrosity of a lean-to which blocked out almost all of the light from the kitchen, oh, and apart from the “slippery when wet” floor tiles next to the house which allowed the rain water access to the kitchen porch on Christmas evening and left me “Chewing madly” at the mouthful we had bitten off when buying the house, it’s not actually a bad space so let’s try and be as positive as possible and say (in traditional estate agent language) its got plenty of potential.

          I’ve discovered that during the summer months the sun comes around to the top of the garden at about mid afternoon and lingers there into the long evenings so this would be the place for, maybe some alfresco entertaining, the clink of glasses, mingled with the sea air and accompanied by the sound of seagulls.

           The smaller area, nearer the house is surrounded on three sides by walls, and although the sun doesn’t directly make it into this little corner of the garden, neither does the wind very often.  This cosy little area would lend itself well to sitting around into the wee summer hours, with comfy chairs and cushions, maybe the odd throw across the shoulders or knees, toasting marshmallows on the chimineare. 

          This is the picture of my garden that I have in my head..


           All I need to do now is turn it into reality. 

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

7 thoughts on “Garden potential

  1. What a lovely little spot of earth you’ve bought yourself! Even if the light may be challenging at times, it sounds like a lovely haven in which to putter and relax.

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