Boho Gelato


          Well, what can I say…

          Just around the corner from one of my favourite “Coffee pubs”, “The ship Inn” is a hidden gem, an ice cream shop to compete way up there with my memories of ice cream in “Brixham” as a child, and much more recently with “Georgio’s” in Llanberis High Street as a much much older child.

          Home made Italian style ice cream the sign says… They already had my attention at home made. 


          But there’s more… For anyone who has food allergies or dietary choices, they do gluten and dairy free chocolate cones and dairy free ice cream suitable for vegans.

          And flavours… I was highly recommended the carrot cake flavour but it wasn’t one of the choices on offer when I visited with Mum and Dad this week so Dad opted for the raspberry and chocolate pavlova, and me and Mum (or Mum and I, as she would correct me if she were here) were tempted by a taste of the breakfast in Sicily – pistachio, almond and orange. 


        Boho Gelato can be found at the far end of St. Mary Street in Weymouth.  If you’re heading from the Pavilion direction, then just follow the harbour inland and turn right at The Ship, and if you’re on the bridge, its the little light grey building next to the pale blue one. 


           Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card because once you’ve tried it once… You’ll be back again and again. 

          More from before : “Coffee & Cakes” from here, there and everywhere. 

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