Swan lake


 Whether the weather be warm.
Or whether the weather be hot.
Whether the weather be dry.
Or whether the weather be not.
Whatever the weather, she’ll weather the weather, whether she likes it or not.

           More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth

10 thoughts on “Swan lake

    • I love thw words too, I’m not sure who’s words they are, not mine I’d better say, but I borrow them often. ..
      And yes! 😀
      Radipole lake it is. .. But how did you know???

          • Thanks! I was last at Radipole many years ago and, even then, it was hardly a wild place, being right on the edge of the town as it is – has it preserved its integrity, or has it been encroached upon, I wonder? Whatever, being close to Portland, it still used to throw up rare birds. You’re so lucky being in Dorset!!! 🙂

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