Breakfast reservation


          The sun came streaming in through the kitchen window for breakfast this morning.

          The fixing and finishing in the kitchen is still ongoing, one of my main faults is flitting from one job to the next, and back again, and I’m afraid the kitchen has become a casualty of my having too many jobs on the go at one time and has been on hold since the beginning of winter.

             I moved onto the room… The living room, sitting room, lounge, I’m not quite sure which word to use really because we’ve always just called it the room.   Anyway, the walls in the room took a long time to prepare for painting, the perfectionist in me still isn’t happy with the finish, but I think a few tins of matt paint instead of the silk paint I used, and another coat or two of white on the ceiling should fix that, and that’s a job for another day.

          And then the Christmas evening flooding of the “Littlest room” took prioritises elsewhere.  Of course, nothing is ever simple and one thing led to another, to avoid further flooding the back door had to be refitted without the “slippery when wet” floor tiles, which meant the floor tiles had to be smashed up outside to clear the way for the door fitting, this led to the steps of the rotten decking being even more unstable and we ended up taking down the monstrosity of a giant lean-to to make way for the back door to be refitted just the once.

          In the meantime, we found a chimney man to come and line the chimney for us in the room so that we could use the wood burner.  This job was by no means cheap, and we couldn’t actually use the burner until after the cold snap had passed, but choosing between either paying up and having the option to sit with a real fire, or just having it there for show, not safe to use, or simply removing it all together, brought us to a unanimous decision to have the chimney lined.

          Of course, nothing is ever quite that simple, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum eventually came to do the chimney and fitted us a new hearth because our old black and white tiles, although not a real eyesore, weren’t regulation anymore (the “Elf brigade” had been changing the rules again since they were fitted).  Although not as pleased with our new hearth slate tiles as I’d expected to be, they were bearable and with a little help here and there could be nice… But then the two outside ones came away from the concrete base and the base started to crumble !  Needless to say I wasn’t happy and contacted the chimney man who agreed to come out and discuss it with me.

          Meanwhile, back in the garden, I’d arranged for a builder to do our back wall and “Operation treegone” was well underway. Then the rain set in, and brought with it the “Grumpiness“.  The rain delayed our builder on his previous job so our building work was delayed until after his holidays and I was left waiting for the chimney man to come and “discus” the broken hearth.

          After I’d asked for the moon with my negotiating skills, the chimney man was quite happy to replace the concrete base under the slate tiles, especially since it turned out that his cement had gone out of date in January, I’ve sprayed the bricks and the old mortar again to make sure they’re completely sealed, the new concrete base underneath the slate tiles seems to be drying nicely and I’ve bought the polish for the burner… But last night I decided to just “Watch the heating” instead.

          The sun is out in the garden and is forecast to stay all week next week when the builder is here.

          When the fireplace is done (apart from the carpet) I’ll have finished a whole room. I’m itching to paint the passage and stairs walls…


          … but I guess I’ll be getting back to the “Preparation” for the tiles in the kitchen

          More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast reservation

  1. Oh, dear … that business with the chimney sounds so frustrating! I’m glad you are at least approaching one almost-fully-completed room, though — and I hope it will serve as a reminder in the coming weeks that things will settle down in time.

    • Finishings and Fixings has slumped a little over the last few weeks, but it’s picking up again now, the polish looks like it goes on like shoe polish, and I’ve found some oil for the slates, so it’s nearly there.
      I’m looking into some kind of fender guard to finish it all off nicely. 😊

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