Deckchair small print


          Have you ever visited a beach and hired a deckchair?

           I’ve always said that one day I would have my own deckchair and live near enough to carry it to the beach with me. I am living near enough now, but haven’t got my own deckchair yet.

          Now that I’m here, what’s the rush, no hurry.


          Have you ever read as far as the small print on a deckchair hire sign ?

          Normally the detail is in the small print, and more often than not, the devil’s in the detail. Not this time however.

          The deckchairs on Weymouth prom are supplied, and hired out by, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.  There is just a small charge of £2.20 for a whole day, but the wonderful thing, hidden in the small print, is that residents of Weymouth and Portland who are over 60 can apply for a pass to use them absolutely free.

          The sign says that concessionary passes can be claimed at the beach office. I’m not sure where that is, but I still have a few years to find it.

          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth

6 thoughts on “Deckchair small print

  1. LOL! and here’s me thinking you’re 92! Just how wrong can a FATman be????? I’m 68 – but here’s where you and I are very different (and there’s probably many other places too…), sitting in a deckchair is just not my thing – wandering with a camera is more me, along with propping up bars, eating heartily (aka pigging out), those sorts of things. But, as always, I envy you Weymouth … and Dorset too. 🙂

    • As for propping up bars, we are very different there, but I do like to wander with the camera… And sit, and wander and sit .. And did I mention that I like to sit too? 😀
      To be honest though, on a hot sunny day I’d be more likely to be sitting in the shade, but I too can eat heartily… I can quite happily heartily eat as many ice reams as you care to give me. 😊 😊

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