Marina sticks


          Summer will be officially here soon and many minds have turned towards their holidays.

          My thoughts turn to holidays future, and past, each time I walk into town past these sticks in the marina.  They put me in mind of “Venice” where the whole city is built on top of such giant sticks driven deep down into the silt below.

          Nothing is built on here though, and at first I was puzzled but now that I’ve seen them in use a few times, the puzzle has solved itself.

          Our giant sticks are the equivalent of a dry dock, or a boat yard, the boats arrive at high tide and tie up between the posts, then, as the tide goes out, the boat is grounded on a ramp from beneath the surface and small repairs or paint jobs can begin… Quite a clever idea really.


          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth

6 thoughts on “Marina sticks

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