Small steps

          Frustratingly, that is how my garden has been progressing recently … in very small steps.


          After I’d moved and used most of the old brick walls taken down by the builder, I brought the rest of the gravel from the old patio area down to the new crazy paving area, and shifted the front of my mud mountain into the gap I had created behind it, meaning I was able to dig into the mountain to see whether it’s feasible to build the load bearing retaining wall as far back as I’d like it.

          I’m not very confident about the condition or position of the foundations to the existing wall between ours and next door’s garden, the last thing I want to do is make more problems which need solving, so I’m putting away my sledgehammer and spade for another week or so and waiting … not too patiently before I do anything else outside.

          If the mice and men leave the plans alone, my builder is coming back on 28th of this month and as well as the back wall, gate and flowerbeds  he’s going to build the retaining wall too.  I’ll ask his advice on how far back the wall can go, so where the levels will divide the garden is still a little uncertain, but getting ever closer.

          Mum-in-law is due to visit again in a week or so, so I can have some very welcome advice on setting up my flowerbeds.  I am by no stretch of the imagination a gardener, so I will need them to look after themselves with just an occasional bit of help.

          I mentioned that I’d moved the bricks, well most of them went into building the foundations of the steps we’ll need to reach the upper level.  It’s going to need five steps, and then another step up onto the top  I’ve built just four steps at the moment, there’s plenty of bricks still around to make the fifth step, but I figured the builder would need a little elbow room if he’s going to build a successful retaining wall.

2018-05. Brick steps.

          He’s building the walls out of breeze blocks, they’re not the prettiest of materials, but they’re perfectly fit for purpose, and they’ll match the side walls so they’ll be fine.  Once everything is built, Hubby has said that hell give everything a coat or two of white outdoor paint.  I think it’ll be guaranteed to not need doing again for about fifteen years.

          To be perfectly honest, I think it’s all going to be a bit bright and boring, but I can see Hubby’s line of thinking, just the one colour will make it all seem bigger, and the white will reflect the light and heat to make it a bit of a suntrap, and as for the “boringness”, I’ve got more than a couple of ideas darting in and out of the old grey cells.

          I don’t do plants, that would be the obvious answer waiting in most peoples minds, pots and pots of different plants, but I know myself too well, and nothing looks worse than pots full of dead plants.  Even the two flowerbeds I’ve got planned are going to be a challenge for me to look after. I do decorate the garden though, I’ve got lots of decorative bits and pieces safely stashed in the shed, “Remember the garden” from our last house ?  I’m going to enjoy finally finding them a home.

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

12 thoughts on “Small steps

  1. I don’t think those white walls will be the least bit boring once you get some plants in this space, Sallyann — if anything it may look tropical! In the meantime, that paver patio is certainly coming along, and the bunny stairway is flat-out adorable. You’re making progress!

    • Yes Heide, finally something which looks vaguely like progress. 😊
      I’m not sure if Snap and Crackle, my two concrete rabbits will stay on the steps, along withe new little bunny I acquired, but since the steps aren’t secure enough to stand on until they’ve had a covering of concrete, they can’t be used, and have turned out to be the safest place for the rabbits to stay for a while.
      On another note, I’ve done some research online and a plastic bucket and spade set we were given when we moved to build sandcastles, is now destined to mould a concrete sandcastle or two to add to the garden when it’s finished. 😊

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