To prepare for the back wall and the flowerbeds as I had planned in “Garden potential“, I had to dig down on both sides of the steps leading to the back gate, this prompted “Operation treegone” on the left side and although I’m not at all what you would call a gardener, I did enjoy scrabbling around in the mud. 

          Some of the tree roots were still remaining when the builder came, partly because most of them wouldn’t be in his way, and partly because if they were in the way they’d be easier to see. One of the longer roots had made its way completely underneath the steps and through to the patio layer on the other side. 


          The right side of the steps caused almost as much trouble as the tree side.  It seems the previous “builders” (and I use the term very loosely) had built a low brick wall and had used anything and everything to fill the void (including an old metal fireplace they appear to have demolished) before covering everywhere with plastic bags and topping with gravel to build their patio area.


          I guess I shouldn’t really complain because that is pretty much what I’ll be doing with everything I don’t want when I level off the top of the garden behind the retaining wall.

          After about a month’s delay caused partly by the weather and partly by the builder going on holiday, the day of the garden finally arrived and the builder got stuck into digging trenches.  Surprisingly, the footings on the tree side were sound enough to build on and it was the right side which all had to come down.

          At the end of the day, we had the one sturdy footing, and three trenches.



          It was almost easy to believe the flowerbeds would be here soon, but the next morning had other ideas, the builder dislocated his finger and although I wished him well, I wasn’t best pleased with a further two weeks delay.

          Two weeks turned into almost four weeks and even when the footings went in I was struggling to find any enthusiasm for the garden, and as for Hubby, he was in dispair.



           The footings took two days to set solid and then not just one, but two builders arrived.

          What a difference a day made, one day I was still staring at a building site, allbeit a building site with added building supplies, but a building site nonetheless, and by the end of the next day I had the startings of my two flowerbeds…



          The builder still had plenty of work left in the garden, but his part in the flowerbeds was over.  The right bed just needed a few swings of the sledgehammer aimed in the general direction of some old concrete against the side wall, a little clearing, then a lot of filling from my mud mountain.


          The left side needed a little more attention, there were still tree roots to remove, the ones left in the ground between the two footings where I’d been told “no more digging” until the walls were up. Well, the walls were up and the largest root from the tree was trying to make a comeback, so I put on my wellies and climbed into the flowerbed with my various digging implements.

          Finally the last of the tree was gone, the last of the roots dug out as deep as I could go and cut off, hopefully to rot away themselves, hidden under the soil with no sunlight.  I turned over the remaining soil in the bed and took out any rubbish or large stones and that’s as it stayed for a few days, the builder had been busy elsewhere in the garden and any movement of my mud mountain could cause an avalanche into the trench he’d just dug ready for the footing for another wall.  Frustrating as it was, my flowerbeds were almost ready, but I had to stay well away from the garden until the next wall went up.


          The builder came back and built the middle wall meaning I could move a little more of my mud mountain into the left flowerbed.


         Once the rest of the garden is levelled and the walls are painted, the two flowerbeds will finally be able to do their thing. 

2018-06. Flowerbeds built.

          Oh, and the mirror ?…

          Well, just watch this space.


          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

8 thoughts on “Flowerbeds

    • Ha ha yes, very big, and the flowerbeds have only been half of it. It will still take a few weeks more to build the rest of the garden, but when it’s all done, the plan is for our own little low maintenance piece of the seaside to grow old into. 😊

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