The “Lady on the lake” has moved again from the “Empty nest“, probably taking her five cignets deeper into the safety of the nature reserve, but after watching closely over this pair of swans (first mentioned in “Who’s the Hubby“) by the restaurant boat, I was delighted to see three more little additions to our lake this year. 

          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth“.

2 thoughts on “Cygnets

  1. What adorable little fluffballs! I’m glad this pair has found a relatively quiet place (from the looks of it) to raise their young.

    • I seem to have missed this comment Heide, the restaurant swans have since taken their three babies to safer ground, hopefully just until they’ve grown a bit because the lady on the lake has reappeared, with five not so little signets, at the same location as last year.

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