Sifted sands


         Another view of Weymouth’s award winning beach, Ma Nature has been very kind with the sea and sand she’s given us, its beautiful, but to be fair a lot of work goes into keeping it that way. 


         The “Beach gardener” was out and about again on my way to work this morning, up and down, back and for he pulled his giant rake across the sand.  I watched a clip online explaining how the rake worked, and without trying to be too technical, the rake picks up pretty much everything in its path and the rubbish and litter gets caught in a basket inside while the clean sand just drops straight back through onto the beach. 


          I saw bank holiday pictures of beaches from other seaside resorts and the amount of rubbish left behind on some was pretty disgusting, but Weymouth was by far one of the better ones.   There are plenty of bins available along the prom to put rubbish in, and these are emptied as they fill up through the day, and I’ve very often seen part of Weymouth’s army of volunteer litter-pickers mingling along the sands with the seaside visitors.


          Maybe, just maybe, a little of the local pride and effort is rubbing off on the holidaymakers . 


          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth“.

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