The cat lady


          Can you see her too? 

          She’s standing sideways with her face turned towards you, one cat bundled up in her arms and another sitting on a table, or the back of a sofa in front of her. 

          Can you see her or is she like the little voices in my head … Just talking to me  ?

          Apparently, the human mind is programed with facial recognition, so if you can see my cat lady then you’re not completely bonkers, nutty as a fruitcake maybe if you sit and talk to her, and if she answers you … We’ll, we just won’t go there today.

          My cat lady has only been around since Christmas, remember the “Downstairs Inconvenience” incident on Christmas evening which had me pulling up the flooded laminate flooring in the littlest room ? She was hidden away on the concrete floor underneath.

          Everything has well and truly dried out now, I’ve got one little corner outside that I’m going to squirt a little more bath sealant into (good old bath sealant) and then since most of the mud mountain outside has almost been turned into a garden now I’m almost ready to put some black sticky floor tiles in place of the laminate floor.  The tiles are probably going to end up as one of those tempory measures which last for ever, but in any case, my cat lady can go quietly back under the flooring where she lived before.

          If you can see my cat lady, pop over to “Squiggles” and “Strange goodbyes” to meet my other friends. 


5 thoughts on “The cat lady

  1. OH MY GOODNESS, YES! Yes, I *do* see your “cat lady”! And I love that you notice these little patterns in your daily life, too. There used to be an “angel” in the pattern of my wood floor at the old house, and I recently discovered a coffee stain in the stairwell at work that looks like a devil, horns and all. Of course, I mention these things only to you … because no one else would understand. 😉 Great post!

    • Oh Heide, welcome to my world. 😊 😊 😊
      I’ve added a couple of links to the end of the post for you to follow if you’d like to meet my other friends. 😊

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