Adult snacking

          Five of my one a day…


          At the age my two oldest girls are now, I was already a mum twice over and, although don’t quote me on the maths, I believe Youngest Daughter was already more than a twinkle in the eye at the age she is now too.

          Hubby and I chose to start our adulting early, we chose time over money, and although our three girls didn’t always have all that money could buy, the more important things to us, the things money couldn’t buy were plentyful. 

          Picnics always played a big part in our days out, and school lunches were of the packed variety too.  We didn’t have “Big brother” or the “Elf Brigade” looking over our shoulder, telling us what to do, we made it up as we went along.

          Being a very picky eater myself, I was more concerned that mealtimes were a relaxed happy occasion than a source of the right vitamins or nutrients. I never did learn to cook properly, oh I could bake as well as the next person savoury as well as sweet, but I’m afraid the fruit and veg type vitamins came in little teddy shaped vitamin tablets.

          Now that my little girls are all grown up, married and settled in their respective houses, they’re doing the adulting thing too.  Since we’ve moved away I’ve been back to visit lots and I stay at whoever’s house has an available spare room when I’m there.  It’s sort of strange, not being the grown up in the house. 

          To be fair, I was never what you might call a normal mum to my girls anyway, we’ve sort of alternated between who needed mothering and who needed to be the grown up for years, but you know that time when the children start to look after the parent instead of the other way around, well, it sort of happened without my really noticing.

          Hubby is still very much an in charge adult, but I’m just happy to go with the flow, wandering through life at my own comfortable pace.  The rest of the world moves too fast for me, Hubby included, I very often find myself quite literally holding his hand and tagging along.   I remember one day while out with Eldest Daughter, we were about to cross a road and she thought I was going to step off the curb, she put her hand out to stop me and I instinctively held her hand to cross the road. We both laughed, but I think that’s when I realised the change over was happening.

          I still do the strange “Mother and Daughter” things I’ve always done, I visit and put up wallpaper, I build cupboards, and I’ve often been asked “would you and your drill like to visit this weekend”, but they do cooking at proper mealtimes, and eating around the table type adulting.

          My cake box was almost always full of homemade cakes and lunch boxes contain a generous chunk of whichever cake was on offer, I’ve even been known to cook up a quick batch of “American style muffins” to top up a school lunchbox while breakfast was being eaten.

          Lunchtime for my three adulting daughters seems to be a bit more of a healthy affair, leftovers in boxes, or specially prepared “ping-ding dinners seem to be the way forward, and not cake… But little boxes of prepared fruit !

          I enjoyed a box or two of fruit snacks at Eldest Daughter’s when I was there last.  I still don’t cook proper meals, Hubby and I eat out quite often and that’s our sit at the table and chat time, I just snack when I’m hungry, at whatever I find in the fridge, usually thrown into a sandwich or bread roll, but little boxes of fruit… I can do that.

          I’ve bought myself the boxes, and I’ve just cut up my second melon. I had cucumber boxes at the beginning of the week too so now I’m well on the way to five of my one a day and hey, if I get fed up of trying to be healthy, I can always make jellies, or little puddings, or those delightful little moose things which come in a packet to whisk up with milk … 

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