I’m hoping you’re not too bored with my garden yet, there’s been a slight change in plan.

          Remember the mirror I bought from the tip for the bargain price of just £4?  The one I had planned to paint window lines on and hang at the back of the one flowerbed underneath an arch of climbing roses ?  The one which was going to reflect the sky as a window into your imagination ? 

           Well, Youngest Daughter came a couple of weekends ago and I got the mirror out to show her… And as it stands, the only thing it reflects is next doors bathroom window!

          Hmmph, back to the drawing board.  I’m still planning the roses on the arch, but I’ll have to put a little more thought into what to put on the wall inside it. 

          In the meantime, the mirror went back into the shed. I asked the girls, and nobody wanted it. Our shed now is twice the size of our last shed but I really must try not to just fill it up with twice as much junk. With this in mind I put the mirror up for sale on one of the local Facebook groups.  I’d been looking for a second mirror online and decided they were too expensive so I put our mirror up for sale at a cheeky £20 and expected someone to haggle.

          No haggle… No hassle… And now no mirror and a happy lady who also got a bargain at a lot less than she would have had to pay for a new one online. .

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

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