I’ve recently had a mention on another blog for my post about “Adult snacking“.   Of course, I dropped over to “Fexibly Nourished” to take a poke around before I approved the link. 

          I loved the way that my post was described as “a little different”  and “not quite a health post” … This pretty much summed my eating habits up and made me laugh, but also made me remember.

          I seem to have been attempting to be a little healthier for quite a while now, since old age began to be a little less stealthy in its creeping up I guess.

          I know myself well enough to know that I’m not likely to change my habits so the easiest way to add a little healthy eating to my diet is to slip it in unnoticed to what I already do. I’ve managed to make it as far as being one of “those women” at “that age” and so very often find myself short of iron, especially since I discovered that, my main source of iron, chocolate, was one of the main contributers to my mood swings.  I don’t eat many greens (unless you count peas … one at a time) so I went in search of something a little more suited to my palate and dug a little deeper into the nutritional value of dried fruit and nuts. 

          I managed to incorporate a small handful of cashew nuts and dried apricots into my diet by keeping them in the jars near the kettle and adding them to my morning routine.  Both of these contain a little iron, but I’ve accidentally bumped up my levels of “Copper” too.


        Unfortunately, as much as my cashews and apricots have added a little bit of goodness into my diet, I fear they are completely out of their depth, surrounded as they are in my jars by brown sugar cubes and squares of fudge.

          My fudge, believe it or not is also there for health reasons (there’s a very thin line between an excuse and a reason) I haven’t had a really big migraine for ages, I’ve got most of my migraine triggers under control, sugar is one of my triggers and fudge is the quickest way to absorb as sugar fix. 

          My “Jars” came with me from the old house to the new one, but our kitchen here has four glass door cupboards with lights in.  We do have a lot of glasses, Hubby has collected a few strange shaped ones over the years, but even with our everyday drinking glasses, we didn’t have enough to fill the shelves and so the bottom shelves of the middle two cupboards became the ideal place to put my jars.


          Coffee plays a big part in my life too, caffeine itself is one of my migraine triggers, too much caffeine and my heart starts racing and jumping to its own beat, cutting out caffeine completely let’s it dance along to a much more regular rhythm, cutting out caffeine completely also cuts out caffeine migraines too.

          Wonderful you might say, what’s to think about ?  Well, by cutting out caffeine all together, the tollerence level is made so minute that it might as well be non-existent which means any accidental caffeine is an instant migraine. BAM !

          Accidental caffeine?… Accidental ?… Surely you know when you’re drinking coffee ?

          Just like chocolate, you would be surprised how many sources of hidden caffeine there are.  Headache tablets with just a little extra are one which springs to mind instantly, the extra is caffeine. Lots of medication which says it will get to work fast is using caffeine.  Then of course there’s the fact that I actually like the taste of coffee and although I always choose the decaf option, there’s always the chance of a mix-up.

          I’ve countered this problem by having one caffeine drink at morning, and one at evening (taking into account that sixteen years of nights has seen my mornings and evenings spinning on a roulette) this covers both ends of the day and keeps up the tollerence for accidental intakes.

          Just incase I look back here at a later date and wonder where the rest of my jars are… They’re on the little it of countertop underneath the cupboards  … Next to the kettle.


          More from before : Kicking about in my “Kitchen“.

5 thoughts on “Jars

  1. Hallysann, my friend, thank you for being so honest about your dietary intake. I’m going off the rails a bit, not always getting my five a day … and then there’s Belgian beer …. 😉 … And, taking a quick, initial look at your post with my old eyes, the first sentence appeared to be talking about Adult Smacking, and I thought, well, this is a bit of a departure for Hallysann …. but, well, you know, go with the flow …..

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