Stepping up

          Do you remember how slowly the garden was moving along with just “Small steps“, and one step at a time at that.  My planned steps with bricks for foundations turned out to be a non-starter, the builder said each brick would have to be cemented in to make the foundation firm, then there would still be a worry that a loose brick at a later time would send someone tumbling down to the bottom  … So back to the drawing board they went. 

2018-05. Brick steps.

          Eventually the “Building of the garden” was finished.  The steps were pretty much the last bit the builder made, I had thrown the old bricks back onto the top level and he built the steps by making a breeze block framework and using up as many of my old bricks as he could mixed with his cement to fill the middle. 


          The shed door opens outwards at the moment, backing onto the bottom step and the builder had built the steps shorter than I had planned so that the door would open further.  I’ve been managing them fine even though they were steeper than I had originally laid out with my brick foundations, but I’m planning on getting old here and I became less and less happy with them.  Looking back at the photo I took of the “Viewpoint” in the mirror, you can see just how steep they were. 


          I had plenty of paint, and time to paint the steps with the same white paint as the walls.  I know the white paint would get very dirty underfoot, but it’s to be just an undercoat for a darker colour so that didn’t matter, but I’ve known myself a long time, and when I kept putting off painting them, I knew they would have to change.


          I contacted the builder again on two counts, one of the back walls had developed a gap where it met the side wall, and I asked for a quote at the same time to change the slope on my steps.

         He came and fixed the wall … And the steps too … With no extra charge. . 


         A couple of coats of white paint made such a difference, to the steps, and the wall behind it, and a matchpot tester of terracotta decided the colour for both sets of steps.

2018-08. Garden matchpot steps.

          We bought a black metal hand rail to fix onto the shed wall and some more terracotta coloured paint for the top and front of the steps.

2018-10. Steps handrail.

          I liked the extra colour that the terracotta paint brought to the steps and painted the front walls of the flowerbes and the bench seats too.  There’s another coat of paint needed on the bench seats and then it will be time for their wooden bench tops.

          We’re almost there, the shed door still needs changing, the crazy patio is to be leveled and cemented in.  There are a few patches of the concrete in the small yard which need attention at the same time as the shed step, and we’ve bought some slate grey garage floor paint to spruce up the yard and the shed path.

          It’s going to be raining tomorrow, a problem I’m going to encounter more as the season moves on, but if we’re not ready by spring, then we’ll definitely be sitting out in the garden on deckchairs next summer.

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

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