Rain walk

          Note to self : if you must walk in the rain… Wear your wellies.


          The weekend in Wolverhampton was always going to be a wet one.   Britain was being whipped by the tail end of storm Callum, luckily the time of year meant no snow, but there was plenty of water to go around.

          I took my mac and hat, and my camera and kept a very close eye on the weather forecast.  Saturday was originally supposed to be the wettest day, and by Sunday we were expecting some sunshine so I planned a morning in the park with the camera on Sunday before I headed off to meet up with Hubby in the sports centre. 


          Well, weather forecasts and plans being what they are, Sunday morning was the wettest part of the weekend, but, over breakfast I decided to go for a walk in the park anyway.


          The walk in the park was surprisingly enjoyable  I didn’t take the camera, but snapped away with my mobile phone as the colours caught my eye, or if something made me smile.

          Underneath my mac and brolly, I stayed pretty dry… Except for my feet… My boots did quite well, but they’re just boots, I should definitely have taken my wellies. 

          I waited for Hubby at the sports centre, I chatted to a few of the other players and spectators, and by the time we were ready to leave, I climbed into the car with more water on the inside of my boots than on the outside.


          As we drove home, my feet got colder and colder in my wet boots and I started to remember how old I was and why I don’t walk in the sea anymore. My rheumatism was really going to make me pay later if I didn’t do something soon.

          I could have just put the heating up and aimed it at my feet, but at the thought of Hubby falling asleep at the wheel I dismissed that option.

          My biggest problem were the cold, wet boots so I took them off, and abandoned the socks which were holding onto the water.  I rubbed some feeling back into my feet and squeezed them into my fingerless gloves…. No photo here, I’m afraid you’ll have to use your imagination.

          With some heat and circulation restored, my next challenge was how to keep it there…

          I put my purse and phone onto the floor next to me… And pushed my feet into my handbag, then I tipped my seat back to my preferred travelling position… And slept the journey home. . 


          More from before : Wandering in “Wolverhampton“, Octobers ’15 & ’18. 

20 thoughts on “Rain walk

  1. Isn’t it fun sometimes to defy convention and head *outside* when it starts to rain? It looks like you got a really lovely walk in, in spite of Callum. Too bad about the wet feet … but next time you won’t forget your wellies. 🙂 Thank you for inviting us to tag along!

    • I do defy conversation a lot Heide, sometimes because I find being conventional so boring, but usually just because I’ve forgotten what conventional is and I’m just making life up as I go along.

        • Oh Heide, I’m dieting again and so am seeing food everywhere… I would love to defy convention with good cheer and “pancakes” (which incase you haven’t guessed is what I read as your comment)
          😀 😀 😀

  2. Cold, wet feet… not on!
    I have long learned to walk in the rain… with umbrella for cover… mostly to protect the camera! However, these days I’ve become a bit of a chicken… don’t wilfully go out in the rain anymore! 😉
    Mind you… I still have spare socks in my camera bag… I wonder why? 🙂

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