Walktober 2018

         Robin, over at “Breezes at Dawn” is hosting “Walktober” again, I seem to have missed last year’s walk, we hadn’t long moved house and I guess I was still busy homemaking.  I’ve spent all summer building my garden and almost missed this year too, but I’m here, and I thought we’d go for a walk that I take regularly with Hubby.  Do you fancy a stroll along Weymouth prom? 

          From my house, it’s literally just a three or four minute walk to my corner shop, the Asda superstore, so I’ll meet you there, that way, if you’re coming by car, you can have three hours free parking.

          The weather isn’t too good today, luckily I’ve taken a couple of photos over the last week, but I’ll fill in the gaps with a few I’ve already posted so you can enjoy the views as we go along.  First though please use the traffic lights to cross over the busy junction to the marina.  This was part of the “improved” infrastructure when the Weymouth hosted the boating events in the 2012 Olympics, I’ll leave the results to your imagination. 


          Once we’ve negotiated the busy junction we’re instantly transported to a more tranquil pace of life, they say “time and tide waits for no man”, but the tide doesn’t rush either, these “Marina sticks” form a dry dock for minor repairs and quick fixes on the parts of the boat normally under water. 


          The water goes out a bit further than in this picture, can you see the man in his fishing waders behind the boat ? I guess he was in a hurry to get started. We’re in no hurry though, we’re a little early for something else I want to show you so let’s just pause a while, prop your elbows on the green and white railings and breath in some sea air. I do love the air in Weymouth  its so easy to breathe.

          “Stand clear of the barriers please” 

          Did you hear that? That’s what we’ve been waiting for.  Every two hours through the day from ten o’clock (earlier I believe in the summer) the bridge gets raised to let the bigger boats in and out of the marina.  In the summer months the boats queue up on both sides of the bridge and it can take as much as ten minutes or more for the boats to go through, I guess if you’re late for work or something similar it can be frustrating, but me, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching the bridge raised.


          Once the bridge goes down, we’re going to walk over it.  Immediately after the bridge there are steps down to the harbour, we’re heading down there but if steps aren’t your thing, we can just walk a little further and circle around the block to come out by the blue building, “The ship”.  The ship sells “Colourful coffee” if you’d like to stop for some liquid refreshment, and at this time of year, there’s probably a roaring fire in the grate, but what we’re really interested in is the ice cream shop next door, “Boho Gelato“.  No matter what the weather its never too cold for ice cream and the homemade ice cream in here is … We’ll, you really must stop for a taste, my favourite is the carrot cake ice-cream.


          We’re just going to stroll along this side of the harbour with our ice-creams and take in the view on the other side of the water.  There’s the most amazing chipshop and some wonderful little shops to visit, I’ll save the southside of the harbour for another day though.


         As we near the end of the harbour we see the Pavillion, a pretty old building in need of some tlc, which is partly why I haven’t got a picture for you… It’s covered in scaffolding.  The Pavillion is our theatre and hosts a variety of acts from opera to pantomime, and anything else you can imagine in between.  Oh, just a quick note here, it also has convenient inconveniences. Although there are a few steps. On high days and holidays the carpark is very often full of fairground rides and food festivals, we don’t have a regular doughnut stand in Weymouth, but the fairground is pretty certain to bring one with it on Bank Holidays, please form an orderly queue.

          One of my favourite photos of Weymouth was taken from this carpark on an early visit before we moved here … Looking out at the sea and sand across the beach from “Behind the railings“.

IMG_4222. Palm tree view.

          Just a few yards (or metres) to the left of the railings on this picture there’s a set of steps down to the sand.  Weymouth’s sand is one of the best in the world for making sandcastles so I’m sure we’ll see a few as we walk along the firm sand near the sea’s edge.




           We’ll just follow the sea until we’ve walked as far as Weymouth’s clock, then we’ll turn back along the prom.

2015-03. Weymouth clock.

          Does anyone want to sit and rest for a while in a “Deckchair” ?  They’re for hire by the day, or by the week if you’d like to stay longer, and since the deckchair hire is organised by Weymouth Council, if you’re a resident of pensionable age, you can get a pass to sit in them for as long as you want for free. 


          I’m a little old for the donkey rides, but the smiles on the children’s faces are just as happy to watch as the donkeys. 


           We’re almost back to the end of the prom where we started, so instead of going back around the harbour, we’ll take a slightly different route.  If we turn inland through Alexander Gardens we can pass the amusement arcade and the children’s fairground. 

2015-03. Merry-go-round.

          We’ll head off down my favourite street next, “St. Albans“.   

26. Street bunting.

           This street is full of holiday shops, buckets and spades in abundance.  There are numerous little independent coffee shops and tearooms, but if we’re following the walk I usually take with Hubby, we’ll carry on to the end of St Albans Street and stop for a coffee and a pint in “The Lounge” .


          If you enjoyed Walktober with me this year, why not look back at a few others…  

         In 2016 I did “Walktober from York memories“.

          I walked along a canal towpath in “Walktober in Wolverhampton” in October 2015.  

          “Walktober 2014” had me taking you on a local wander on my way home from a night shift, starting off in the dark and looking for a pretty sunrise before I turned in for some sleep. 

          I nearly missed Walktober 2013 but remembered just in time and shared some “Secluded Saturday” streets in Oxford as I strolled into almost a time warp with my sister, just a stone’s throw away from the busy shoppers.

           And “Walking home” is a pretty self explanatory title for my very first Walktober in 2012.

          Thanks Robin.

          P. S.  I forgot to say, if you turn to your right after leaving the lounge you’ll very shortly come back to the bridge, and from the middle of the bridge you’ll see the Asda sign to guide you back to where we started.

27 thoughts on “Walktober 2018

  1. You’re welcome, and thank you, Sallyann. 2012! That must have been one of the first.

    Wonderful walk in a beautiful place. I love that you included places for us to stop and have some refreshments (or refresh ourselves). Carrot cake ice cream sounds amazing so I think I’ll have some of that and leave the other flavors for another time. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous, glorious walk! I hope you’re not tired yet of having people tell you how fortunate you are to live in such a beautiful place. But you seem well aware of that indeed, if your beautiful photos are any indication. Thank you so much for inviting us along on your Walktober stroll.

  3. Over from Robin’s. No matter if on the sand, a dock, or a sidewalk near a street, walking along the water is always good! … and this walk include gelato and a beverage. Many thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for dropping by. 😊
      I don’t do well with cold of any kind. I haven’t been in the sea barefoot for years…
      But if you go just one post further forward than my Walktober post, you can see I the cold doesn’t stop me wading in.. In my wellies. 😊 😊 😊

  4. WoW! Walktober… I missed the others… so, I’ll have to go back and have a look-see!
    Mayby I should try and fit one in before the end of the month! Arklow isn’t quite Weymouth… but it has a sea and other good bits! 😉

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    • Hi Eliza, yes it does get pretty busy in the summer, it’s like two different towns though and I like both of them. 😊
      In summer it’s full of happy holidaymakers, everything is in full swing, by the end of the season I’m ready for some quiet.
      Then winter comes and the seas crash onto the beach and thr rocks, the local pubs have roaring welcoming fires and Christmas decorates every spare inch available.
      By about February when things start to feel a little bleak, scaffolding goes up here and there and paintbrushes come out and there’s an air of excitement as the town prepares for summer season again. 😀 😀

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