You can either let the wet weather keep you indoors …


          Or as I’ve discovered since buying my “Hat and mac” , if you wear the right clothes you can still go out to play.

          Incase you haven’t guessed it’s raining today. It was raining so heavy this morning that instead of the sound of seagulls singing down the chimney as they did while they were nesting on next door’s roof, I could hear sound of the rain echoing inside the log burner as it hammered on the metal chimney cap on top.

          Decision time …  Either I could just wrap my small coat around me, grab a brolly and run to the corner supermarket, or I could put on my mac, hat and wellies and go for a walk in the sea.

          Well, the walk in the sea won, I don’t get to walk in the sea in summer with most people, the water is too cold and my legs will want “payback” later so winter is my time for paddling, in my wellies, and when I’m dressed up against the elements anyway, it seems such a wasted opportunity not to.

          I wasn’t the only person out playing in the rain today …



          More from before: living into “Semi-retirement” and beyond… 

3 thoughts on “Oar…

  1. Sometimes (OK a a lot of the time) it’s hard to get out there when the weather is cold and wet, but I’ve learned that once I’m there I never regret being outside. LOVE your scarf!

    • Going out in thr rain is one of the things I’m learning to like again…
      And the scarf? I had a green coat, then I bought an orange hat, and then when I found the scarf it would have been almost unthinkable not to. Don’t you agree ? . 😀

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