Feathered friends

          I stopped to feed the swans again on my way home from work. As usual they were pleased to see me.  (that had nothing to do with the small loaf of bread I was carrying I’m sure).

          After the bread was gone, I stayed and we chatted for a while, Dada swan got bored as soon as the bag was empty, but the babies made small squealy noises and tut-tutted at me for a while, with Mama swan looking on.

          I didn’t get the phone out for photos today, but here’s one I took on passing last week, it was a much brighter day and the swans were relaxing together on the path.  This little one lifted his head up, saw it was me as I sat down beside him and just tucked his head back under his wing while I took my photo. 


          Here’s another picture, this time taken by Hubby when I made another visit to my feathered friends on a different day. 


          More from before: living into “Semi-retirement” and beyond… 

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