‘That’s Jazz’


          Our first rose in the new flowerbeds.  Its not all been plain sailing to get here, I have a running battle with one (or possibly two) of the local cats about just who’s flowerbeds they are, and we had a greenfly invasion for a while, but the roses are quite well established at the base of the arches and all four plants are carrying buds.

          The two outside roses are the same variety, “That’s Jazz”, the description reads… 

          A repeat flowering climbing rose. Large sprays of slightly scented, dark velvety red blooms are produced repeatedly throughout the summer into the autumn. Foliage is dark green and glossy.  A vigorous upright growing habit. Will tolerate a North facing aspect and can grow in a large pot.  Hardy.  Good desease resistance. Grows up to 300cm in height.

          And the rest of the flowerbeds at the moment… 


          See also “Masquerade” and “Scent from heaven” to complete the picture.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden

4 thoughts on “‘That’s Jazz’

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