Scent from heaven

          My most eagerly awaited rose. 

          (Rose of the year 2017)

          “Classic large ‘hybrid tea’ type blooms of orange-salmon colour with an exceptional fragrance, which will flower freely throughout the season.  Very good disease resistance.  Attractive glossy green foliage. Grows to approximately 3m to 3.5m.”


          I was taking a bit of a risk here, I’m not one for flowers usually, I love the pretty colours, and there is nothing better than walking into my kitchen and being greeted by a vase of pretty flowers on the table, but  their scent is too strong for me, I find lots of flowers so overpowering that I struggle to breathe.

          My flowerbeds however are at the far end of the garden and since my relaxing part of the garden is nearer the house in the shade, I thought I’d risk the “exceptional fragrance” of this rose because it was (of course in my opinion) such a beautiful colour. .


          See also “Masquerade” and “That’s Jazz” to complete the picture.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden

3 thoughts on “Scent from heaven

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