Growing life trees

          My first attempt at a tree of life was a very basic affair, I asked Mr Google for a little advice and a few pointers in the right direction.  I found a design I liked and made a start but rapidly rediscovered that I’m not good at following instructions and so in my usual way of “Progressive planning”, I followed the basic picture and made the rest up as I went along. 


          A morning spent at an enormous bootsale with my sister resulted in a treasure trove of lampshade rings of all shapes and sizes so I attempted something a little bigger. Of course bigger trees need more branches, something I didn’t work out until I’d finished, but it’s OK, we’re planning some sort of moon charm to fill the gap.


          My latest tree of life, my third attempt, is something a little more difficult, also something I can only forsee repeating just once more.  It’s made using a lampshade ring again, but the design of this particular lampshade gave me two double rings when I took it apart and so working on both sides of the rings at the same time and overlapping some of the branches has made my tree a little more 3D. 


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

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