Paignton harbour


          After spending a few days in Torquay, reviving a few old memories as well as making a few new ones, Hubby and I found ourselves on our last afternoon, in Brixham Harbour, making the decision of which bus to catch back to our holiday base in Paignton when we realised we could catch a boat back instead.

          Earlier in the day we’d taken a bus to Torquay to investigate the street and craft market, followed by a bus to Brixham but for some reason it had completely slipped both our minds that Paignton had a harbour too and we could get a boat to there.

          We both boarded our little ferry with an air of curiosity as to where we would be dropped off.  I’m quite used to the feeling of uncertainty, I’ve been living with it for the last twenty-five years or so since “Eclampsia“, happened, but Hubby very seldom forgets anything, it must have been a strange feeling for him indeed.

          However, as our little boat pulled into the harbour, and as we walked towards the cream and blue harbour buildings, we both remembered times gone past.

          Hubby remembered the little stalls and the shops and drinking establishments along the road looking down on the harbour and I remember visiting the toilet buildings with our girls and Mum-in-law, as well as recalling a strong feeling of being “told off” as a kid myself for running ahead through the stone corridor through the harbour buildings and out towards the harbour itself. 


        More from before : Brixham, Paignton and Torquay …  Aka “Torbay“.

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