As a cute little girl of about six I did what many little girls of that age did, and joined the Brownies. I can still remember my badge, it was a yellow pixie.

          Although I no longer have any of my badges, or my little brown dress which they would have been sewn onto, I can remember working towards some of them, and enjoying my time in Brownies.

          The brownies I joined was part of The Salvation Army and as a natural progression I went along to Sunday School and learned about the bible and The Salvation Army way of life.  I became a “Young Soldier”, I joined the Songsters (the choir) and the Timbrels (the tambourine group). The Timbrels I enjoyed immensely and spent many a sunny Sunday morning at one of the meetings at one particular garden on the prom rattling my tambourine and playing along with the band music.

          As I grew older, too old for Brownies, I moved onto the Girl Guides.  I didn’t enjoy the more intense activities at Guides and so didn’t stay for very long.  At about the same time it was expected that I would move on from being a Young Soldier to a fully fledged Salvation army officer and I found that although I enjoyed the lifestyle and agreed with many of their core values, I lacked the belief and commitment to go further and gradually drifted away. 

          As the cute little girl I’d often wondered why some of the older members had smiled at my name so much, apparently Sallyann was a friendly nickname used for the Salvation Army in times gone by.  During a short stay in Bath, we came across this Salvation Army Citadel, and a little cafe incorporated into one corner of the building brought back a few long forgotten memories and raised a few smiles.


4 thoughts on “Sallyann

  1. Some do some don’t many don’t go to the beach any more. Why not link up again somewhere near to where you live.

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