A long time ago in a place far away, a seagul joined a voyage of discovery.

          On December 13th 1577, Frances Drake traversed the Magellen strait and discovered the way now named “Drake’s Passage”, to the south of Cape Horn. .


          Our seagul then joined Frances Drake on the Golden Hinde as he sailed North and in June 1579, landed in California, taking possession of the region in the name of Queen Elizabeth, naming it Nova Albion.

          After circumnavigating the globe, Frances Drake returned to Plymouth on September 26th 1880 and was knighted on the Golden Hinde in the presence of Queen Elizabeth on April 4th 1881. 

          Today a descendant of our seagul sits proudly on the head of a statue to commemorate the voyages of Sir Frances Drake. 


          More from before : “Plymouth” in June 2019.


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