The Good Life Cafe


          Today was my second visit to The Good Life Cafe, on my first I visited with my Mum and Dad, and today with Mum-in-law. 


          If you’re after smart and chic, then this cafe isn’t for you.  Tea-cups hang in the windows, mismatched chairs sit around old wooden tables and the walls are adorned with old mirrors and framed pictures to compliment the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  If, like me however, you enjoy homemade cakes and service with a smile then it will be worth you picking up a loyalty card because you’ll be back again and again. 


          Sitting downstairs with Mum and Dad, we had a great view of the beach as well as a lovely light lunch of paninis, carefully prepared for the dietary requirements needed and beautifully presented.


          The only downside, or so we thought, was that the conveniences were a little inconveniently situated upstairs. 


          However, since you will probably be venturing upstairs to use the inconveniences anyway, I highly recommend that you make the effort to find a table on the first floor… Simply for the view… 


          Boy what a view… 



        Panoramic picture credit goes to my Dad… But the credit for a lovely lunch in homely relaxing surroundings in such a perfect location goes entirely to The Good Life Cafe.

          More from before : “Coffee & Cakes” from here, there and anywhere. 

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