Library Harbour Cafe

          I’m not known for my reading abilities, and to be honest, with Mr Google so readily to hand, I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a library, but a Library Cafe? With coffee and cakes on the menu?  Yes, I was tempted.


          Mum-in-law is here for a visit, and is all the excuse I need to go exploring new coffee places.  Today we found ourselves on the south side of the harbour, over the bridge from the main hub of town, looking into the Library Cafe, in need of refreshment… And well, it would have been rude not to.


          We chose a two person table in the little rear room, and since the cafe is table service, glanced through the menu and ordered just a tea and coffee, having already indulged in ice cream on the prom.


          We browsed the menu again, sipping tea and coffee, and found some interesting breakfast and sandwich options. The smell of bacon wafted in from the kitchen and mingled with the music of Bruce Springsteen filtering in from the front room.


          After leaving, (for the second time because we forgot to pay and had to make a quick return) I took a snap of the front of the cafe for the blog, and read of  playing vinyl, reading books and eating vegan sausage rolls…

          I think we need another visit for more investigating.

          More from before : “Coffee & Cakes” from here, there and anywhere. 

3 thoughts on “Library Harbour Cafe

  1. Oh you need to change up a gear, Hallysann >>> despite the aforesaid ice cream, if there was the smell of bacon, well, it would be unseemly – even, in this PC age, INAPPROPRIATE – not to indulge!!!!! Truly appalled, of Bristol 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Love it!!!
      I shall consider myself sincerely reprimanded. We have another coffee trip planned today, although Mum-in-law’s throat muscles are not up to bacon butties, (she’s now a 4year survivor since the big C event). I can assure you the “bacon thing” will be addressed at some time in the near future and I might well find myself having to endure yet another ice-cream in the prom tiday… It’s a difficult job, but I think we can raise to the challenge.

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