The rain in Bath

          The rain in Bath shows its wrath to the path…   Unlike in Spain where it stays mainly on the plane.


          We spent just two days in Bath last month, and as is quite expected with a holiday on our island, or a “stay cation” as its called, the unpredictable British weather played its part.  One of the shops on “Pulteney Bridge” made a joke at the weathers expence… “Don’t let the sunshine spoil your rain” it said on their window display.  Their advertising department had earned their pay by turning a bad point into a good one and used the British summer weather to sell lightweight rain clothes.


          On our first day we scurried quickly around the outdoor tourist spots, seeking out locations to return to on the following, expected wetter day, as it was it wasn’t until late afternoon on our second say that the liquid sunshine hit us.


          The reflections of the lights caught my eye as they bounced from the flagstones in front of Bath Abbey, and Hubby was good enough to waste a little time dancing in and out of the shelter available so that I could wait for the daylight to dim a little more for the backdrop to my Abbey photo.


          Incidentally, have you ever seen a Primark in such luxurious a setting before ?

          More from before : Visiting “Bath” in June 2019. 

3 thoughts on “The rain in Bath

    • You’re very welcome Jenny, I’ve still a few pictures left to sort through and share, I looked at Bath very much with Jane Austen’s Persuasion on my mind so I’m planning an evening in with Captain Wentworth before I complete my posts. 😊 😊 😊

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