Crazy Patio

          The flowerbeds are coming on a treat, the turf has established itself well enough as grass on the upper layer of the garden to survive the recent hot, dry spell of weather, but unfortunately there has been a major slump in my confidence and the “Other End” of the garden has yet to be finished.


          It’s been quite easy for me to pretend the old shed window isn’t there, to be honest, there’s really only half a window anyway and the piece which is there is only held together by the sheet of perspex I glued onto it to keep the cat out.   That said, it doesn’t do much towards the relaxing feel of the garden, and the shed door, well the top part still opens out over the steps, and the bottom piece is turning into a major pain of a hurdle, especially when taking the little lawnmower in and out of the shed.

          As much as I dislike sharing my house with workmen, I’ve given in and called on another builder to help me along.       


          The new shed window is to be slightly shorter, with just one line of bricks added to the base of the gap to lift it higher than the floor of the top level, and it’s to be two windows, opening inwards.  Eventually I’ll make some louvre style shutters to protect the glass from little feet and small toys at grass level, but they’re not needed yet.

          The shed door is to open inwards, leaving the steps clear and taking away the need to close the door while I’m inside playing with whatever toy I choose to play with… Drill, sander, jigsaw, lathe…

          The crazy patio will finally be leveled… We’ll, almost levelled, there’s to be a slight slope so that the water runs away from the bench walls, and the bench walls are to finally get their tops.

          The builder came to measure up yesterday, but today, although the grass was very pleased to see it, the builder was beaten back by the rain.

        Watch this space….

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

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