Fat Pigeon


          This rather portly pigeon has been visiting the garden regularly for some time now.  Last year he just watched from afar from the tree in next-door’s garden, I’m not really surprised considering the chaos I was causing “building the garden” at the time, but this year, little by little he seems to have become comfortable with us living here.  He started by just sitting on the top of the back wall out of reach and gradually took ownership of the rest of the garden too.  Now he patrols the flowerbeds looking for the seeds dropped by the smaller birds as they peck away at the fat balls in the feeders.

          He’s not particularly careful with my flowers, he does tend to stomp around and flatten them a bit, but since without him I’d have to weed out a lot more little shoots from the disguarded seeds than I do now, he’s forgiven.

          In the photo he was brave enough to come right to the front of the crazy patio to meet “Snap and Crackle“, my two concrete rabbits, but on the weekend he surprised my Mum as she went to the fridge because he had ventured just inside the backdoor. 

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden

5 thoughts on “Fat Pigeon

    • How could I not forgive him. 😊 😊 😊
      The birds are a very welcome addition to the garden, although Hubby has been absolutely banned from putting out any food other than the fat balls for the smaller birds in the seagull proof feeders… If the seagulls ever decide our garden is easy picking, we’ll never be able to dine “alfresco” ever again. 😀 😀

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