Pink pom-poms

          Armeria, Rubrifolia (commonly known as Thrift) …” Delicate dark pink flowers with distinctive round heads spreading over evergreen mounds of grassy, bronze foliage.  Flowering between spring and early summer, growing to 20cm high and spreading to 30cm. 615201991825

          The colour from the alpines is a little late this year as its their first year… And I was a little late in planting them… But its arriving.


          More from before : going’s on in my “Garden“. 

6 thoughts on “Pink pom-poms

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    • I’ll bow to your greater garden knowledge here Meanderer, I have to admit I chose the alpines here for their evergreen leaves to stop nextdoor’s cat finding empty soil in the winter. 😂 🤣 😂

      • Ha, ha – I see! Cats leaving their gifts in neighbours’ soil is a really annoying problem.

        We used to have thrift growing in some stone troughs where we used to live. They can tolerate dry soil pretty well and form a nice big dense mound of leaves!

        • Thanks for the gardening info… And as for the cat, we’ve won the latest battle in the flowerbeds .. It’s really not liking the shells… And as a result my bird feeders are really popular. 😊 😊 😊

          • Excellent! Interesting about the shells.

            We do what we can to encourage birds into the garden here too but we’ve seen three different cats lurking about at different times – although I haven’t seen any recently. They don’t seem to do what cats usually do – bury their gift, preferring to leave it on the surface of the soil unburied. I’ve even seen their doings on the lawn and on top of a low hedge; made me wonder if it was cats …… maybe a different animal.

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