I was up way before the sun this morning, not that I woke up or left the house extra early, I wandered along the prom on my usual commute, but the sun has been enjoying a lay-in lately, just a couple of extra minutes each day, but it’s starting to notice. 


          I’m making the most of the little moments with my camera on the way to work, it still surprises me how the mornings take forever to get lighter and then suddenly turn dark again at almost the flick of a switch. 


          I had already spent a few too many moments with the sunrise today, but in my mind I weighed up the smiles from the next picture against the speed I would have to walk to make up the time to not be late for work. The smiles won.

          I’ll just extend a thankyou here to the two mums sitting in deckchairs watching the sun come up… The silhouettes of their children jumping over the waves more than doubled the smile value of my picture.


          More from before: Semi-retirement by “my seaside” in “Weymouth

4 thoughts on “Skyline

  1. Beautiful pictures, my friend, and words to match. And, yes, sunrise is getting later, little by little, and for me, “the light” is coming back – as your pictures show. A 🙂

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