Macramé mirror


          Hallysannmade ended its first year in profit… Just a little profit, but I finally made it into the black. Not quite the millionaire status I had hoped for, and I did apply a little creative accounting to reach that figure. (I’d already paid for a table at Summer and Christmas 2020 Craft fayres, so I took those costs off the total at the end of December and added them back on in January). 


          I have lots of crafting “bits” stashed about the house.  Four crates of driftwood hidden under the guest bed not being the least of it.  I still have a bag of metal rings of various sizes from my “Bootsale“, and some circular mirrors I bought from Facebook (ex-wedding table centres) which fitted in amongst the driftwood in the back of my mind, but in the grey cells nearer the surface a mirror and a ring came into play with a ball of brown string. 


          Instead of fixing the strjng on the inside of the ring as for a “Tree of life” or a dreamcatcher I knotted it onto the outside to start to create a frame. 


          I tied the strings onto the hoop in sections and started to play.  A triangle pattern appeared as I played and the eight sections turned into the points of a star. 



          Adding a second colour my mind toyed with the idea of knotting the frame into a full circle but my fingers had other ideas and enhanced the eight original points. 


          The pattern being quite decorative, I decided against a fringe around the outside and folded the ends towards the back. 


          The finishing knots would hold the string in place on their own, but to make sure they stayed put at the rear of the design I decided to use my hot glue gun.  This is where I remembered that the hot glue in my glue gun is just that… Hot… My poor fingers. 


          A line of hot glue around the back of the ring turned cold almost instantly as it touched the front of the glass so it’s just as well I had plans to secure the mirror with a web of brown string stitched across the back of the mirror to make it secure. I added to this a loop knotted into the two ends for wall hanging and there it was… The idea in my head had made its way out through my fingers and made my face wrinkle in a smile. 


          I have a spot in one of the local craft shops, my stock is a little sparce after my Christmas sales so I rushed my mirror straight down to display on my piece of wall. 


          I have my bookmarks and keyrings on a shelf in one of the window units and my crafting name, Hallysann, in the window with the others who display in this wonderful little shop. 


          My idea to fill my little piece wall didn’t quite turn out as planned… My friend (the shop lady) sold my mirror… How inconsiderate of her.

          But its OK, I have a week off from work with some definite relaxation time planned so its no chore at all to make another one. 


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

3 thoughts on “Macramé mirror

  1. Love that mirror – how clever! Well done you for getting into the black – I hope people are paying you good money for the time and effort you put into your craft. I like those round bevelled mirrors – Dunelm sells them really quite cheaply – I bought a few to sit my crystals on (I have a rapidly expanding collection) and also to sit my tealights on.

    If I ever get to Weymouth I’ll have to pop into your shop (probably unlikely, but you never know 🙂 ).

    All the best with it this year.

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