Carpet compromise

          At long last, we seem to have one room in the house finished. The new carpet isn’t as dark as I would like it, but not as light as Hubby wanted… I’m getting better at this compromise thing. 

          The walls are painted in my happy colours, the pictures on the walls hold photos of smiles we’ve visited (to be updated with new prints of photos as and when the smiles begin to fade).  The log burner has shared its colourful glow through winter evenings, there’s one last fire waiting to be burned on a cosy evening and then I’ll re-black the stove and give it a good polish.


          Of course, the perfectionist in me will never allow me to believe something is ever completely finished, there are always things which will crop up and “need” doing, but at the moment I’m happy to just let it be.


         Oh, and Hubby’s got a new smile in the room too…


          More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.

4 thoughts on “Carpet compromise

  1. Lovely! My husband and I have been remodeling for the majority of 25 years…I know how hard it is to compromise. We lived without paint on the walls for over 20 years because we couldn’t agree on the color. Finally he gave up and let me pick. I let him pic the carpet. It works. But it’s hard.

    • Dawn, I think I’ve worked out that the secret of success in compromise is to start at an artificially inflated high on your side… And keep your fingers crossed you don’t get your bluff called. 😂 🤣 😂

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